Business Phone

6 Ways to Improve Your Business’ Communication

The way you communicate as a business is hugely important and can speak volumes about your company.

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Business Start Up

5 Top Tips for Small Business Owners

This is a piece aimed at any small business owners out there. A few of my friends have their own start-ups and have done well for themselves but I know for a fact that they’ve had their trials and tribulations so I decided to reach out to them for some tips for this post and hopefully you’ll find it helpful and insightful if you’re planning on going it alone in the short term. So, without further ado, let’s get stuck into the post!

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Shipping Abroad

Top Tips for Exporting to China

With China being one of the most dominating economies in the world, it’s an ideal place to extend your business to. With more and more businesses exporting there than ever before it seems to be the new in place to start exporting to.

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Why WordPress is the Right CMS Choice for Your Business

Businesses large and small have been using WordPress as the content management system of choice for some time now. It’s the big behemoth of the CMS world, powering up to 8% of the online community – this reputation isn’t undeserved, either. The software is high-quality and has powered many businesses to record levels of success in the internet era.

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Smart Ways to Improve Your Health and Boost Productivity at Work

Everybody wants to a lead healthy happy life, but finding the right balance can be difficult. If you’re looking to boost your health and in turn improve your productivity at work, below you’ll discover some of the cleverest ways to do it.

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Online Business

The Essentials you Need for Starting an Ecommerce Business

An ecommerce business can turn out to be a very lucrative move; more and more shoppers are preferring to head online thanks to the convenience and ease of ordering over the internet, all from the palm of their hand – and essentially this a huge market just waiting for you to tap in to.

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Figuring Out Your Credit: What Can You Do

It is inevitable that you will get behind at some point in life and you will have bills that will come up as overdue. This is about the time that you think about taking out a loan to help you get by and not end up with an overdraft fee at your bank. There are many options that you can take when it comes to getting a loan, you can do a payday loan, which is a really bad idea. You can also find installment loans online, which is a convenient way to get a better type of loan.

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Why Shipping Is So Important in Your Business

It is important that a business doesn’t overlook shipping as it is now considered an extension of a company’s brand. Offering a variety of postage options, tracking and a receipt to your customers can make a big difference to how they view your company. This article will take a closer look at why shipping is so important and how it can improve your business.

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Listing Your Web-Based or Remote Business as an Asset

There are many reasons why you might want to list your web-based business as an asset, not least of which is perhaps if you wish to appease your bank and get them to loan you some money you need, whatever it is you want the loan for. A bank would be quick to accept a traditional brick-and-mortar business or even just part of it as collateral to grant you a loan, but because it proves to be a bit challenging to place any sort of tangible value on a web-based business (even a profitable one), banks operating on criteria set a few decades ago generally don’t want to recognise web-based businesses as assets, unless it’s as big as a Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc.

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Property Investment

These are the Skills You Need for a Successful Career in Property Investment

A lot of people are interested in real estate investment but aren’t quite sure what it entails. It’s much more than buying and selling properties. There are other aspects such as wholesaling, joint ventures and property management which are lucrative for investors. Many people think that is something you need a lot of money to get into, but it doesn’t always require a lot.

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