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Running a small business involves wearing many hats; whether you are involved in online retail or run a physical outlet, there is much to consider, and with limitations on finances, you most likely have a very small team that is stretched to the full. If you are trying to grow a business, there are even more demands on your time and that of your team, and one of the areas you need to cover in detailing is accounting. Keeping the books is vital if you are to understand how you are performing in your market, but it demands a lot of attention on an all-too regular basis.

There are many accounting software packages on the market, each of which claims to be as effective and efficient as the next, but there is one that stands head and shoulders above the rest, and it is believed to be used by more than 80% of small businesses. It’s called Quickbooks, and it is one of the easiest of all accounting software packages to set up and use. It’s also very versatile, and can handle all of your accounting requirements, and much more besides. You can find it at Merchant Account Solutions, market leaders in POS solutions, credit card terminals and software packages for small businesses.

Invoicing Solutions

The chore of invoicing is also one that needs to be addressed, and Merchant Account Solutions can also help you with bespoke, effective invoicing software for a variety of businesses. They will be more than happy to help with your specific requirements, and you can talk to one of their friendly, expert team about your business and accounting needs for the best advice around. You’ll find their invoicing software to be integrated and easy to use, and you will never need to worry about making sure all your customers have been correctly billed.

Quickbooks can help you streamline your accounting system; it does away with cumbersome double entry, will easily integrate smoothly with your POS system, and can be used to process a wide variety of payment options, on time and at the point of sale. It can also be used for online bill payment for eCommerce, so we recommend you talk to Merchant Account Solutions, and they will point you in the direction of the best solutions for you.

Merchant Account Solutions

Merchant Account Solutions are here to help with all your POS, accounting and invoicing requirements, and they have a team of experts with plenty of experience in advising businesses on how to move forward in the 21st century. They can help with everything from credit card terminals to full digital Point of Sale solutions, and you will find their rates to be very competitive and surprisingly affordable.

If you are looking for ways to streamline the day to day operation of your business, it is highly recommended you check out the various solutions at Merchant Account Solutions, and they will help you get to grips with the modern business world.

3 Ways to Keep Up to Date on Your Job Skills

3 Ways to Keep Up to Date on Your Job Skills



3 Ways to Keep Up to Date on Your Job Skills

Whether you are an employer looking to improve your staffs knowledge or someone who has been within a company for years but need to catch up on some of the latest techniques, keeping up to date with skills that your job requires is vital. In this article we will be exploring 3 ways you can increase your skill level in your work environment: research, peer to peer learning and training courses. We will start at the simplest and most cost effective way though research, and move onto the more reliable way of gaining accurate information through training courses.


In the modern workplace it’s difficult to find time for self-development and sometimes you will need to use some of your personal time on self-improvement. Researching a related topic and learning about it can be by far the most cost effective and quickest way of learning the most relevant and job crucial information. Whether you sign up to an online training course to simply looking into articles wrote about your chosen subject can dramatically improve your knowledge on that subject, helping you achieve a better standing in your workplace. In most workplaces you will need to learn new things and sometimes these skills are not taught by a colleague or course, but rather through your own personal research into a field.

Peer to Peer learning

Some of your colleagues will know about a subject that you may not, or might know a particular part that you need help with, this is why peer to peer learning exists, to help even the blanks between employees. This is also known as on the job learning which is becoming more and more common. Employers are not employing their staff on their skill basis but rather on their ability to work in the environment and show great enthusiasm. This allows other employees to help train the new member in what the job entails which in the majority of workplaces is completely different.

Training Courses

Training courses are one of the most effective way of learning applying both research and peer to peer learning with the knowledge of a dedicated instructor.  Training courses usually consist of a group of individuals all learning about a subject allowing them to gain knowledge from an industry expert. In these environments there is always the peer to peer learning aspect which comes from a member of the course helping another, there can also be a high level of research that can take place between times throughout the course.

An example of a provider of such courses include MPL Locksmith Training whose clients have stated that the training courses they have undertaken have allowed them to not only improve current skills but to learn new skills which allows their business to offer new services.

Not all training courses may be in small groups and some can be in large groups such as conferences which in the most case consist of a keynote speaker who will discuss the bulk of the information in an easy to take in fashion. This can be an effective way of learning as the speaker can cover a huge amount of information in a quick manner.


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