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3 Ways To Find Clients For Your Personal Training Business

3 Ways To Find Clients For Your Personal Training Business

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Pursuing a future as a personal trainer is a great career for someone who has knowledge in physical fitness and provides the luxury of being able to choose your own schedule.  It is the ultimate way to combine your passion for exercise and being self-employed.

One of the biggest challenges that many new personal trainers have is that they realize that they have to come up with their own clients.  This requires a certain kind of personality which is good at pitching their product and sealing a deal.  Before you can close a deal, however, you’ll have to know how to reel them in first.  Here are some of the most effective ways to find new clients for your personal training business.

Social Media

Never underestimate the power of reaching out to your social network online.  The beauty of using social media sites such as Facebook is that you can first reach out to your immediate circle.  This is usually the foundation of your business.  Once you have reached out to your inner circle you can move on to your outer network which is comprised of your inner circle’s network.

Another benefit of social media is using the feature of starting a fan page.  By starting a fan page you can not only give your friends and family the opportunity to support you but also anyone online who can like your page.  This is great for finding new clients and appealing to demographics of your choice with the advertisement option for your fan page.

Referral Program

Starting a referral program which offers an incentive for not only new customers but your current customers who bring new ones in is a great motivation for people to share about your business.

When you have something that no one else offers, like a special service for a discounted fee when you are a new client, this will really set you apart from the competition.

Try to look around at what other deals you see other personal trainers advertising to decide what your best angle is.

Post Flyers

While this may be the digital era of computers and cell phones, there is still a lot of value in visual advertising.  When people see signs around that catch their eyes they are usually inclined to call.  This is because they are excited about the prospect of what drew them in about you.

Try to play around with a few different flyers and designs and see which one gets you the most responses. You may be surprised to find that the things you thought would work don’t and the things that you didn’t think would work are incredibly effective.  

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