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Bespoke Colour Concentrates for Modern Industry

Bespoke Colour Concentrates for Modern Industry

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If you compare modern industry with a mere 50 years ago, it is almost a different world, and with two world wars in the space of 30 years, great inventions came about and then we discovered how simple ones and zeros can transmit data at the speed of light, and the digital revolution took hold. Almost all mass production is automated today, and the development in plastics and other composites resulted in materials that are light, strong and durable. Every smartphone and tablet is constructed using composites, and creating the right colour solutions allows manufacturers to have consistent colour accuracy, regardless of the size of their operation.

Creating a Colour

If you walk into a paint shop and ask to see a colour chart, the list is endless, and you would start with a particular shade of one colour, such as yellow, for example. Then the yellow can be broken down into 4 more shades, ranging from dark to light, and each has another 10 variations, and so on. There are literally millions of colour options, and the pigment dispersion specialist would create lithography concentrates that are guaranteed to give you consistent colour throughout. Bright colour concentrates are used extensively, and with precision calculations, any shade of any colour can be produced and replicated as many times as is necessary.

Barrier Inks

These are used extensively across many industries, with packaging for foodstuffs being just one, and it is necessary to ensure that the ink on a surface does not react with anything it comes into contact with. If, for example, a manufacturer wanted to print some instructions on their packaging, they might require barrier ink, and would likely wish to select the colour, and a pigment dispersion company would be the organisation to talk to, as they develop all types of inks for many different purposes.

Colour Consistency

If you are running off continuous batches of a component, you want to be sure there are no colour differences and colour consistency is guaranteed if you use a pigment dispersion specialist, and they offer a bespoke service, and are able to create any shade to your specifications.

Conductive Paints

These are used in the manufacture of electrical devices and other industries where conductivity is required, and the wonder material, graphene is also being used in combination with silicon carbide to provide an even better level of conductivity. Whether your project is large or small, if you want the very best in colour, talk to an established company that supplies colour concentrates for a range of industries and your colour issue will be quickly resolved.

This is most certainly a time for change in the paints and coatings industry, with new and innovative materials like graphene, and if you require spot on colour solutions for your project, look no further than a pigment dispersion specialist. There are online specialists who can create your chosen shade, and with their expert advice, and dependable service, your deadlines will be met.

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