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It Is Not Just Pay Alone: Employees Like to Be Recognized for Their Efforts Too!

It Is Not Just Pay Alone: Employees Like to Be Recognized for Their Efforts Too!

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From an employer’s point of view, a typical employee may only be truly happy when they’re well paid for their efforts. While this generally holds true for most of the people around, it is not the only means of motivating employees, per se.

As a matter of fact, there do exist many different non-monetary means of rewarding a high performing member of the team. The first and foremost of them would be “appreciation” with respect to their hard work. An appreciated employee feels on top of the world and will go the extra mile to ensure that the trust placed in him is not unfounded. The good people at Power2Motivate in the UK know well how to go about rewarding employee performance, through engagement and incentives. This is a great way to ensure that their morale remains as high as ever.

It has been determined that a majority of organisations offer non-monetary awards and rewards to motivate their employees and the statistics speak volumes of the success of this approach.

There are some different ways though which an employee can be made to feel special. Let us take a look at a few:

o   Certificates

The performance of every employee can be tallied every month and the topmost performers suitably rewarded with a commendation certificate presented in a little ceremony conducted exclusively for their benefit. This way, they will be portrayed as stellar examples for the whole organisation. Perhaps the best part of this approach is that the high performing employees are not going to be motivated alone, but their example would ensure that all the other employees participating in this ceremony will automatically be motivated to try and take their place in the next month’s ceremony.  This concept of a friendly competition is an excellent means of increasing the overall morale and competitive spirit of the entire workforce of the organisation.

o   The truly awesome power of recognition

The power of executive recognition should never be underestimated. This holds particularly true if the motivation actually comes from the top tier of the management. Here, a simple mass mail sent from the MD or even from the GM duly acknowledging the efforts of a particularly outstanding employee will go a long way in motivating them and inspiring other as well, to buck up their game and put on a good show. This will prove crucial in leading to an increase in overall employee engagement figures, as per the statistics presented in this report.

Sometimes, a simple debriefing at the end of a training session or meeting will also achieve the same purpose, especially if the meeting ends with a senior executive of the company personally shaking hands with the employee and patting them on the back, in front of the entire senior management as well as other members of the work force.

Ultimately, employee engagement though appreciation and recognition is absolutely necessary for the fulfilment of employees’ psychological and emotional needs.

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