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Safe, Healthy Employees are Happy, Productive Employees

Safe, Healthy Employees are Happy, Productive Employees

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The relationship between a manager, business owner or some kind of authoritative figure and their employees is often a very delicate one, with so many boundaries that can just never be fully and properly defined. You can never really be fully clued-up on how your employees really feel about you and what they say about you behind your back. As an authoritative figure however, your subordinates’ or employees’ personal opinions of you shouldn’t really be something keeping you up at night. At the end of the day, your job is to preside over them and ensure to collectively deliver productivity which ultimately translates to profitability.

This however does not mean you have to be that boss who’s clearly out to make the lives of your employees as miserable as possible. Contrarily, you want your employees to be as happy and healthy as a working environment allows them to be because these are your biggest assets. These are the vital cogs which make the machine run, an overall bigger picture which is really your primary concern.

Get Employees’ Input

Look, by no means does it mean you’re going to just willingly implement every suggestion they come up with, but often just asking your employees if there are any improvements to their working environment they’d like will open your eyes up to solutions which may have been staring you in the face all this time. There’s a line between the type of comfort which results in improved productivity and the comforts we enjoy in our domestic living spaces though, so you have to know where to draw that line. Would a sectioning-off of the reach of the air-conditioning help to alleviate the discomfort of overly sensitive employees, for example, as an alternative to a one-size-fits-all air-con solution that subjects everyone in the communal workspace to the same air temperatures?

Adjustments which you need to make could be very minor, costing very little but resulting in happier, healthier staff that will only be happy to do more for the company, business, etc.

Authoritative Foresight

The most important health and safety considerations you always have to pay attention to however are those which fall in line with health and safety regulations governing any working environment. A little bit of managerial or authoritative foresight is required, but it’s really not too much of a big ask. What you need to focus on is two phases really, namely the health and safety concerns of your employees while they’re going about their normal, daily work, as well as the same concerns in the event of an emergency or crisis. Some of the smoke and ventilation equipment installed by the likes of Rocburn Limited doesn’t only offer value in the event that a fire breaks out or something like that.

The use of such systems, which appear very inconspicuous to the unknowing eye, is a simple, cost-effective way of maintaining a healthy environment for employees. I mean in the same way that smoke could be offset to avoid coming into contact with anybody inside a specific room, illness-causing germs could be offset to avoid the spread of disease and a subsequent disruption in productivity.

Sharing is caring!

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