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Top Tips for Exporting to China

Top Tips for Exporting to China

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With China being one of the most dominating economies in the world, it’s an ideal place to extend your business to. With more and more businesses exporting there than ever before it seems to be the new in place to start exporting to. By following these handy hints and tips you’ll be able to start growing your business there in no time:

  • Size

China is a huge country and as a result, it doesn’t have a single market to target. There are many different regional economies and diverse areas of economic activity, so when planning on exporting there, it’s vital that you do your research first. Certain products will be better received in different areas, bear this in mind.

  • Strategy

Chinese culture is very different to western culture so it’s highly recommended that you do the relevant market research before exporting there. It’s recommended that you visit China or speak to other businesses that are expanding to China and assessing how other similar industries are doing navigating the Chinese market.

  • Plan Longer Term

Exporting to China might not be initially a major success for your business. Although this can be disappointing, this type of expansion needs to be planned for a longer-term scale as most businesses do better once they have the relevant experience of the market.

  • Budget

Shipping to China can be costly so be sure to budget for this when planning your export strategy. With a company like Parcel2go you can source the cheapest possible price shipping to China to reduce your costs. China has double taxation agreements with the UK and zero-rating VAT on most goods.

  • Chinese Customs

Chinese customs are relatively straightforward but there are some rules and regulations you need to comply with to ensure your goods make it through without delay. Check their website to find out detailed information on the items which are prohibited or have restrictions on.

  • Digital

A few tweaks to your digital presence need to be made for it to work correctly in China. SEO strategies that work on Google don’t work on China’s dominant search engine which is called ‘Baidu’. For your site to be successful in China it must be registered with a Chinese government firewall and hosted there.

China is a core market and an asset to any business who can successfully export there. By following these handy tips you’ll be able to start trading there as soon as possible and watch your business flourish in the process.

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