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Travel Destinations For Creative Business Conferences

Travel Destinations For Creative Business Conferences

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Planning a business conference can be a taxing situation.  Finding a location for the conference does not have to add to the frustrations.  Allow your search for the most suitable location to be the easy part of planning your business conference.  

There are several locations all around the globe that are known for their excellent hosting skills.  Take a moment to read through a few simple summaries, highlighting some of the most desirable conference destinations available for your gathering this year.  

Adelaide Hills, Australia

In the heart of southern Australia, there is a breathtaking region named Adelaide Hills.  The hills host an array of vineyards and wineries, along with a stellar conference center.  Mix business and pleasure in the hills of Australia.  

The area is known for its steady, cool temperatures.  Unlike some parts of Australia, the extreme heat does not hold this area captive.  The cool nights give way to mild days, and there are only a few hot days here and there during the summer months of the year.  

New York City, United States

It is no surprise that the “Big Apple” makes the list of most appealing and welcoming destinations for a business conference.  New York, New York is one of the busiest business hubs of the world.

With its booming business culture and never ending nightlife, there is no better place to mix business with pleasure.  Tourists spend more than $17 million each year in the city, and your business conference would do well to add to that total.  

London, England

TripAdvisor chose London, England as the top meeting city in Europe last year, and there is no sign of its popularity waning.  Your business conference would be well served to seek out a gathering in London.  

The city not only offers an excellent place to do business, it is one of the most culturally saturated areas of the world.  Immerse your gathering in the history and excitement of London.

Los Angeles, United States

It is easy to see why planners choose Los Angeles over and over again.  The City of Angels offers spectacular meeting destinations, alongside some of the country’s most beautiful beaches.  

Not only will LA serve your conference conditions with ease, the city offers an endless list of engaging activities to fill the spare time during the group’s journey. 

Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany is the fourth most popular conference destination in the world, according to the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA).  The main airport in the city continually scores high on its ratings for service and efficacy.  After sitting in a conference room all day, Berlin offers an exciting nightlife to let off a little steam.

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