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Valkyries Of Odin Online

Valkyries Of Odin Online

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Have you ever thought about going to Valhalla and fantasized about what life could be like if you ever went to this heavenly abode? Don’t just think anymore. You can be a part of Odin’s abode with the Valkyries of Odin slot. It is the perfect opportunity for mythological slot lovers to dive deep into the world of their choice.

The slot games

Stake Logic’s Norse themed slot game presents you an opportunity to move along a ship and reach Odin and Valhalla. The game comes with 30 pay lines and 5 reels providing you many opportunities to win. Each spin should cost you anywhere between 30p and 48 pounds per spin. You will get to free spins in each round. However, these free spins come with rewards of their own. While the first free spin will allow you to get giant wilds, the other one can help you in getting both ways payouts.

The design

The design of Valkyries of Odin is great and the game boasts of beautiful graphics too. According to Norse mythology, the Valkyries helped the greatest god Odin in deciding the fate of warriors in a battle. The life and death of the warriors lay in the hands of the Valkyries. The design follows the same principle. You will find a beautiful background showing the mighty sea and clouds, with rays of light shining in between. There is a ship that carries the main game too. It is also designed in typical Norse themes.

You will find 5 reels in this game. The symbols include horns, helmets, shields and playing cards from A to J. The cards will bring up to 50 coins for each pay line while the other tools of the Norse mythology bring up to 150 coins. There is also a trio of Valkyries. The red Valkyrie will bring you the most coins. If you land a 3, 4 or 5 on any pay line, you could get 50, 120 or 300 coins.

The wild card in this game is simply put as ‘Wild’ in the tiles. It can be found on any of the 5 reels. A combination of 3 will give you 100 coins, a combination of 4 will give you 200 coins and a combination of 5 gives you 500 coins. Note that the wild card cannot be used with the 2 scatters.


The bonus features of the game offer you free spins beside their own line of rewards.

Giant Mecha Valkyrie- this is the best feature of the game. There is a stack of 10 shield under the reels. One shield gets lit every time you land a Valkyrie of Odin symbol. Once all 10 shields are lit, this feature comes into play. You will be provided a completely new set of reels, where you can spin the slot 10 times for free. There could be giantstacked wilds in the 3 reels in the middle. If one of these is found, your entire reel can turn wild and help you win a bigger payout.

Beast Battle- this feature will be triggered if you get a combination of 3, 4 or 5 Dragon scatters in the reels during one spin. This feature is not found on most slot games and can easily change the payout for you. On a combination of 3, you will be awarded 10 free spins, on a combination of 4 you will get 20 free spins. If the combination is of 5, you get 30 free spins. Note that all these spins will be on fresh reels where both ways payouts will be activated so you can win big.


Valkyries of Odin is a great slot game based on mythology. If you follow Norse myths, you will love this slot. Even if you don’t, it has plenty to offer in terms of graphics, wins and extra features. Overall, it is an interesting game.

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