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3 Jobs Off The Conventional Radar

3 Jobs Off The Conventional Radar

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Let’s get straight to the point. How many times have you switched careers? Are you happy in your career choice? Have you spent your whole life listening to what others think you should do? Maybe it’s time you try something in your actual wheelhouse.

We can’t all be doctor’s, lawyers, and mechanics. There are fields of study and careers that people rarely hear of much less participate in. There are also jobs that many just find the thought of as boring and lacking in challenge.

However, most find that trying new things opens them up to the knowledge of experiences they never knew they would enjoy or be good at. Below are three jobs that could be that experience for you.

Computer Network Architect

Ever wonder how the whole planet has access to the internet? It’s because of people like these. A regular architect plans out blue prints by which to build high rises, houses, and other buildings. A computer network architect does something similar.

Except, they are responsible for designing and putting together the networks that allow us to look up the details about our favorite singer, find amazing recipes we’ve never tried, and discover game walkthroughs for those levels we’re sure were made to tempt us to throw our controllers.

Without these highly educated men and women, the information highway would never have been built. It pays well, too. Could you use $100,000 a year?

Mortgage Consultant

Buying your first home is a tremendous milestone in the life of any family. It’s also one that eludes quite a few. It’s a difficult task, to say the least. You have to maintain good credit and posses a job that pays enough to handle the monthly payments.

Then, you have to be educated enough to be able to read and understand all the rules, regulations, and policies that go with the process of buying a home. There is so much room for error, many just don’t bother attempting to fulfill this dream. What if you could help someone navigate through all of that?

Does the opportunity to help a family fulfill their dream of owning their own home speak to you? Look into becoming a mortgage consultant. Your experience and expertise could make the tricky path to homeownership a straight line. You have the opportunity to make up $65,000 a year making people’s dreams come true.

Genetic Counselor

We have finally reached a day and time where it is no longer science fiction to consider the genetic future of our race. Scientists have mapped the human genome, discovered the healing properties of stem cells, and can determine if your unborn child has any chromosomal defects.

It is the last discovery where a genetic counselor would have the greatest jurisdiction. A genetic counselor’s job is to educate and counsel with families about the consequences of inherited traits or diseases that may exist within their family line. With this information, they will then help them to make any necessary decisions.

Some people think we are better off not knowing some things about our future. However, if you are on the opposite side of the fence and would be interested in helping people traverse through the details of their family’s genetic makeup, this could be your new career. A genetic counselor can make as much as $80,000 a year.

Take a trip outside the box when considering your next career choice. One of these may be right up your alley.

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