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4 Reasons You Should Love What You Do

4 Reasons You Should Love What You Do

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The average person spends over 60% of their week at their place of employment.  When you factor in the amount of time in your week which is spent sleeping, you start to realize that the majority of your time is spent at work in the big picture.

Since work is the place where most people spend the majority of their time, it’s important to like being there.  Here are all of the reasons why loving what you do is important.

You’ll Be Happier

When you like what you do and devote your day to participating in something which is meaningful to you then you are living for something.  As opposed to people who go to a job just to make money, you have intention and satisfaction out of your job when you enjoy it.

People who loathe their jobs are not only less happy, but they tend to be drawn to substance abuse, destructive relationships, or clinical depression.  

People who get out of bed every day ready to head to a job which gives them no fulfillment or excitement tend to be more tired, less motivated in all other areas of their lives, and are less inclined to smile.  Whereas people who say they love what they do tend to love all areas of their lives outside of just their profession.

You’ll Make More Money

Some people go into certain lines of work just for the money.  When your sole intention is making money this will sometimes actually cause you to earn less.  When you are focused on financial gain only and not the meaning behind the work, then you aren’t fulfilling your role with passion.

By loving what you do you tend to excel at the work and consequently can end up becoming extremely successful at it thereby increasing your paycheck.  While money can’t bring you happiness, conversely, often happiness can bring you money.

You Won’t Dread Going To Work

The mental prison of having to wake up every day and go somewhere that you don’t want to be is enough to drive people to madness.

Imagine the difference that it makes to love where you go every day and get meaning out of it.  Not only will you be happier, but you will have a purpose in your life.

You Will Be Healthier Overall

Your health is a reflection of your happiness, therefore if you are feeling ill or bad it may be time to consider that you may be showing signs of illness outwardly because of an emotional illness which exists on the inside.

Therefore, always take an inventory of how you are feeling every now and then and consider how it may be affecting your overall health.

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