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Are You Ready to be a Teacher?

Are You Ready to be a Teacher?

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A lot of young people want to be teachers in the beginning but they often change their mind a few months or maybe even a few years down the line. The answer to why that happens has a lot to do with the fact that most people aren’t psychologically prepared to be a teacher and their expectations end up clashing with the reality of the situation. To help you find out if you are meant for teaching, here are a few key attributes that every aspiring teacher should possess.

Genuine Love for Teaching

This is the very first and most basic requirement; anyone who wants to be a teacher has to love the act of teaching itself. The profession is more hectic and demanding than people imagine it to be and the while the pay is not bad at all, you will need sincere love for the profession itself to keep at it for years.


Accountability as a teacher is very important because young and impressionable minds often reflect your own behaviour in the class. Whatever standards you have for your students, you must adhere to those same standards yourself. If you expect them to be punctual in class, you must be so yourself each and every day as well. This helps to build a healthy, standardised environment in the classroom.


Whatever subject you end up teaching, there’s a chance that something in the school curriculum may change in the middle of the year and as a good teacher, you should be able to incorporate that change into your classes.


There is no guarantee that a rocket scientist with an IQ of 187 will be a better science teacher than your local high school science teacher. Teaching is not only about knowledge. Rather, it is more about the ability to impart it successfully onto others. Communication is the key here and unless you are someone who has the ability to be creative in teaching his/her lessons to the students in a discernible manner, teaching will be hard for you.


A good teacher is a determined one because he/she doesn’t give up on the class or even a single student easily. It is not always possible to reach everyone in a single unified class, so it might be necessary for the teacher to devote some additional time to a few students who need the extra help. Also, things will not always go smoothly as parents, students, and even fellow teachers might criticise your ways in a negative light if they do not conform to the usual standards. Determination and belief in your own methods are what will get you by during those times.

A large number of vacancies in the teaching field in general and especially for science teacher jobs clearly show that teaching is a promising profession, but the percentage of teachers who leave their jobs soon after joining is quite high. This is why it is imperative that everyone who wants to be a teacher is aware of the entire reality and not just the dream.

On the other hand, if you think you can relate to all these qualities as mentioned here, you will probably make a fine career out of teaching young and inquisitive minds about new and interesting things, just like every aspiring teacher.

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