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Exhibition Lessons Learned from a Careers Expo

Exhibition Lessons Learned from a Careers Expo

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Recruiters these days are identifying talent long before it even really knows the direction in which it is going to get developed with companies lurking at career expos they might have even organised themselves. From the point of view of a company that’s exhibiting in a bid to land some business or spread brand awareness, a lot can still be learned from how exhibitions are run as part of a careers expo.

Creating new long-term prospects

Most businesses see trade fairs and expos as the perfect opportunity to perhaps land some on-the-spot business and complete a sale or two, but that should be the last thing on your mind. People who attend exhibitions are indeed likely to be prospective clients, but they’re probably not in the kind of mind-frame which has them ready to whip out the credit card and take home whatever product you’re selling or to pay for the service that you have on offer.

Consequently, we should take a leaf out of the books of companies exhibiting at careers expos since their approach is one which is focused more on creating a new long term prospect. The aim is to give people who come into contact with your brand for the first time a window into how their lives will be like if they decide to align themselves with it over the coming future. Think long-term; a period of around four to six years, as is the case with a company that tries to plant a seed in the mind of a school-leaver that they should probably seek to come back and work for the company in about 4-6 years, once they’ve finished their Further Education and Training (FET) and they’re officially qualified to join the company’s ranks.

Turning your position into a unique advantage

All display booths were not made equal and if you look hard enough you’ll definitely find a reason to believe that you’ve particularly received the short end of the stick in some way. Everybody will probably feel that way, which then brings into focus the need to focus on turning your allocated position into whatever unique advantage it affords you.

If you’re placed at the entrance then the advantage thereof is that of your brand being amongst the first interacted with by expo attendees for example, which is something you should make full use of.

Designing your trade booth

With the identification of your unique advantage in mind, having your display booths designed would then naturally be a matter of going with custom trade show displays to capitalise on the unique set of circumstances surrounding your allocated space. No scrimping here – you’ll have to go with the professionals, but by no means does this mean you’d be breaking the bank.

On-the-spot sales

The desire for an attending prospect to want to whip out their credit card and complete an on-the-spot purchase should only be something which happens as a bonus, otherwise it’s all about creating a pleasant experience for your prospects around your brand and what you have to offer. Nevertheless, be prepared to close on-the-spot sales.

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