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How to become a car transporter

How to become a car transporter

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Have you always wanted to be a car transporter or shipper? The hours are flexible and you pretty much get to be your own boss! There are two options for becoming one of the car transporter gang!  You have two options; one is to obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and become a certified truck driver who hauls more than one car at once, or get paid to drive on car a time between dealerships.

So deiced which one of these you are interested in. CDL involves long haul travelling, for the most part, and requires proper training and qualifications as well as certain certifications.  Those who move single cars from one dealership to another, need nothing more than a standard licence and a clean driving licence.

Searching for the right a job

If you are looking for a job with either of these qualifications, then contact your local car dealerships, to see if they have any work at the moment.  They often hire on a part-time basis, with the potential to do extra hours when and if possible. This makes it a great job to have as something alongside another job role, to make some extra money and pay off some debts.

If you want to do the job as your full-time role, this can make it more of an earner for you. You will need to pay to train for your special licence though, information can be found at the National Transport LLC.

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