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How to Start Your Own Mechanics Garage

How to Start Your Own Mechanics Garage

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If you work in a garage, or have a passion for repairing cars, then it’s more than likely that you’ve always dreamed of having your own car garage.

For many, this is just a pipe dream, but there’s no reason for it to be this way. If you’ve got the motivation and the drive, you can make it succeed. Here’s how.

For many, this is just a pipe dream, but there’s no reason for it to be this way. If you’ve got the motivation and the drive, you can make it succeed. Here’s how.

Put a Business Plan Together

The most important thing in business is to plan, plan, plan. Not only will you need lots of business acumen to start your business, but it is also likely that you’ll need plenty of cash.

All of the tools and equipment you require will all be expensive and, as such, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to start your business without a loan. As part of your plan, you’ll need to list every piece of equipment you’ll buy and how much it will cost, along with evidence. The easiest way to do this is finding an online retailer, such as SGS, and looking at their products. Then, you can get all your estimates from one place.

Your business plan needs to define:

  • Your target market
  • Your competitors
  • Your resources
  • The money you need
  • A SWOT analysis

Most importantly, your business plan has to be honest and realistic. If not, lenders will see through it in a heartbeat. Try this model if you’re stuck for inspiration.

Hone Your Personal Skills

The transfer from employee to business owner is a difficult one and, as such, you need to prepare yourself for it by honing your personal skills.

Not only will you have to keep up the high mechanical and technical standards you’ve maintained so far, but you’ll also have to actively manage employees as well as manage relationships with clients, customers, suppliers and financers.

You can’t just start your own business to get away from your old one, as starting your own will not make your life any easier. You’ll have to put in hard work and long hours, so be prepared for this. Assess your character before you start: are you ready for the commitment?

Find People Who Can Help You

Being your own boss is great, but you simply can’t do it all alone. You may be a great mechanic, but can you do electrics? Are you good enough with finances to file your own accounts? Might you need a lawyer if you run into difficulty with a customer?

You may be the only full time employee for your business to begin with, but it’s likely that you’ll need backup on a freelancer or part time basis in these positions, so factor their expenses into your business model.

On top of all of this, advertisement is paramount. If you aren’t advertising your business then how can you expect to get any business? Things like “A” boards on the roadside and advertising boards above your garage are a good way to go about it. It’s more grassroots advertising and when you can afford it, start advertising online, this will give you the opportunity to be more targeted with your advertising.

Consider all of these factors carefully before starting your garage and you should get off to a successful start.

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