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Ideas for Developers Who Dream of Escaping the Rat-Race

Ideas for Developers Who Dream of Escaping the Rat-Race

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Before you read any further, I must stress that the type of developer I’m talking about is of the programming variety, although this post sort of applies to property developers as well. If you’re a property developer though, the likelihood is that you’re not in the rat-race, but this concept is still worth exploring in any case.

There’s perhaps no way of going into business (if you’re realistic and serious that is) without coming into contact with the development process. Whether you want to have a website developed for you or your business, or if you want to have an app made, you’d either have to liaise with a programmer/developer, or you might be that developer with the requisite skills.

As much as there are development courses which teach this sort of thing, like some of the modules forming part of a Computer Science or Information Technology course, popular websites such as Facebook can be built by someone who is essentially a self-taught programmer! It’s simply a matter of learning how to code and then honing your skills through a variety of projects which you build, possibly putting the finished product up for sale if there’s a demand for it.

That’s essentially where I’m heading with this post – learning how to code and then choosing a specialty. Don’t get it twisted, there are PLENTY of jobs for people with coding skills, even if you’re not formally qualified. If you can present your skills via something like a portfolio, someone looking for your skills could hire you for a big-paying project via email even. If you’re business-minded though, use your programming skills to permeate not-so-obvious markets. You can make a serious killing by selling just one app or programme to markets where the link between tech and that market isn’t so obvious.

A classic example of this is visualisation software, which either runs on the web, on a local computer, or as an app. How many real estate agents or interior designers use these types of visualisation apps to show their clients visual examples of what their finished interior decor solutions will look like, for instance? Being able to see what your living room will look like once the interior designer has finished with all the work before they’ve even started comes down to nothing but a series of algorithms, made of code which you can learn to type for free, online.

These are the sorts of ideas for projects you should be considering if you’re a developer who wants to escape the rat race by creating one solution that can be sold over and over again.

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