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Putting Your Specialist Knowledge to Good Use

Putting Your Specialist Knowledge to Good Use

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If you think back to your twelve-year-old self, a stage in your life when childhood transitions into the precarious teen years, would the person you are today living the life you live today make your twelve-year-old self look forward to the future? The truth is that life has a way of consistently removing you from a situation you’d spent a very long time planning for and putting you in a completely different situation you could never have imagined, even in your wildest dreams.

I personally could never have imagined the career I’d find myself in was indeed one which I’d have had to create myself. Make no mistake about it, I truly enjoy being a businesswoman, but the truth is I had to go down many avenues to eventually find my true calling and being in business has served as the ultimate platform for me to make use of the specialist knowledge I’ve accumulated.

Money vs. Passion

If you’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to go through an academic institution such as university and even luckier to pursue a field of study which falls directly in line with your passion, at some point between making the transition from studying to the working world, you must have experienced what has now become an inevitability, in that you never really work in job or career that you studied for.

This means the perusal of your passion sort of begins and ends with your studies, but as much as the practicality of having to earn your keep will probably lead you down a path you didn’t really study for, it doesn’t have to be like that forever. Yes, you might have to endure some prolonged periods of frustration in which you find yourself saying things like “Is this what it means to be an engineer?”, but if you’re serious about making use of your knowledge and perhaps pursing your passion through your career, it starts with implementing some small daily changes to your current setup.

Start With it On a Lifestyle Level

What’s perhaps the easiest way to keep your specialist knowledge sharpened and up-to-date is through blogging, which doesn’t have to take up a huge chunk of your time.

An hour or two a day will do, but more importantly building up a blog around your specialist knowledge will open your eyes up to some opportunities you could pursue more seriously. At the same time, live below your means so that you don’t have to rely on your current job for too long. Spend the money you earn as if you’re saving up for a big exit from your current job and industry.

When you finally find a viable escape route via an income generation avenue you can pursue in line with your specialist knowledge and passion, you’ll have some much-needed financial leeway not to have to worry about paying bills that could otherwise have been avoided.

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