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Things to Remember to Ace Your First Day at Work

Things to Remember to Ace Your First Day at Work

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Your first day at work can be both memorable and stressful. You are excited to meet new friends and your new boss but at the same time, you might also feel a bit of pressure about meeting them since you don’t know if they will like you or not. You might be stressed about what you should wear on your first day because your primary goal is to impress everyone.

So, I’ll give you some tips on what you should remember on your first day at work.

Listen and ask relevant questions

Your new boss and colleagues will be impressed if you are able to show signs of curiosity. You can demonstrate that by asking questions about the company or the success story of your new boss. Just don’t ask too many questions or your colleagues might think that you are trying too hard to impress them.

Prepare your 30-second explainer

This is often asked on your first day at work during the onboarding programme. So, prepare to share a brief introduction of yourself starting with who you are, your university degree, your previous work and of course your dreams and aspirations. You might also share your expectations about your new role and of the company as a whole.

Be there early but not too early

Punctuality is key to making a good impression from the very start. You might think that 10 minutes is enough to arrive on time, but you cannot put that theory to the test. It will always be advisable to leave earlier than you plan just to be on the safe side. You don’t want to be late on your first day at work, right?

Once your workday ends, don’t go rushing to the door and show that you are excited to leave. You should always make your employer feel that you work hard enough and that is one reason why their choice is the best.

Always wear a smile

Yes, I get it. First days at work are not always the best and it could even be the worst. But no matter how difficult your first day may be, always wear that sweet smile. Just enjoy every moment and be happy about it.

Start making friends

This one may be tough, especially if you are the new kid in town but keep in mind that it is important. So, if someone asks you out for lunch or a colleague invites you to play games on after work, do not turn them down.

Do not gossip

It’s your first day and you might be excited to talk with almost everyone at work and that is fine. Just make sure that you talk about things that will help you do better in your job and don’t just gossip. Avoid asking these questions:

  • Who should I avoid here?
  • When do I get a raise?
  • Is it true that (insert rumour)?

If you ask these types of questions, you might just lose the chance for career growth.

Finally, don’t try too hard

The more you try to impress everyone, the more you lose your track. So, keep things simple, work at your own pace, make sure that you do your best on your first day and be consistent throughout your stay. People will soon know how good you are in time, so relax and simply do your job.

Follow these tips, and you will surely be able to do more than simply survive your first day at work; you might even enjoy it. Good luck!


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