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Tips To Help You Dress Professionally For Your New Career

Tips To Help You Dress Professionally For Your New Career

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You may be the brightest crayon in the box, but people will not be as opened to listening to you if you do not know how to present yourself in a professional manner.  When you know how to dress to impress, you are much more likely to be heard in the business world.  

Before you begin your quest for professional excellence, invest a little time in researching what business leaders find appealing when it comes to style.  Here are a few educated tips to help you dress professionally for the start of your new career.  

Plan ahead for the next day

Plan out what you are going to wear the night before your professional engagement.  Trying to put together a snazzy outfit at the last minute may make you look a little less prepared.  Tweaking your wardrobe may also make you late for work.  

It is best to plan out your whole outfit the night before.  Make sure everything is ironed, pressed, and ready to wear before your head hits the pillow.  

Invest in a bespoke suit

If you are not familiar with a “bespoke” suit, then now is the time for enlightenment.  Every good business man or woman should invest a portion of their income to a personally fashioned, or bespoke, suit.  

There is no better look than a suit that was made especially for you.  Purchasing a ready-made suit is great, but you need at least one form-fitting, exquisite, suit in your wardrobe.  

Play it safe with facial piercings and ink

Though tattoos are becoming more and more mainstream, it is always good to play it safe for first impressions.  More than 40 percent of people ages 18-29 have visible tattoos, but not all of the professional world is in full acceptance mode yet.  

Take out your non-traditional piercings and wear long sleeves to your first meeting or first day of your new career.  It is best to keep it chill until you figure out the lay of the land.  If the local office culture seems tolerant and accepting of ink, then let it fly.  

Invest time and effort into the details

Pay attention to detail when you are preparing yourself for professional endeavors.  For instance, your outfit will look much nicer with cufflinks or newly polished dress shoes.  Know that the potential employers and colleagues will be looking at your shoes.  

Remember that comfort equals confidence

The most important tip to take to heart is that comfort equals confidence.  When you are comfortable in your clothing, you will feel much more present in the moment.  Confidence is valuable attribute to express when you are surrounded by a competitive office.  

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