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Using What You Studied to Create Your Own Career

Using What You Studied to Create Your Own Career

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It’s totally understandable but it’s still quite annoying, how once we’ve finished studying for something to get a formal academic qualification we’re almost forced to enter directly into the job market and look for employment. As I said, it’s totally understandable because a lot goes into obtaining a qualification. You have to make a lot of sacrifices to finally wear your graduation gown and get handed your degree or diploma and the sacrifices made are often not just your own, but those of others as well.

You have to sacrifice a lot of your time — putting in the requisite effort to obtain any meaningful qualification entails long hours of studying and for those few years over which your course runs it’s pretty much just all about the books. Your entire life revolves around studying, from the alarm you set in the morning to the plans you make — it all happens with the main goal of studying in mind. Getting a grip on the course matter even dictates how your social life plays out — you can’t go out partying all night, every night if you have an upcoming test or exam looming over the horizon and you pretty much have to study well in advance. You have to be always studying.

With regards to the sacrifices other people make for you to get your academic qualification, your sponsors who are paying for your studies naturally want to see some form of return on their investment, even if it isn’t in the form of paying them back physically or working for their company. Your sponsors could very well be your parents, who want nothing more than to see you using what you learned to earn a living and stand on your own two feet and that’s perhaps where the pressure to go straight into the job market mostly comes from.

If we all just took a little bit of time to consider some alternative options to jumping straight into the job market, a whole new world of opportunity would reveal itself to us. If you specifically obtained a degree, what that means is that you have enough mastery of the content matter to apply the knowledge you acquired in the real world and contribute towards something that is tangible operating in the real world, often to generate some sort of economic outcome. So why not do that for yourself, instead of doing it for someone else and making them rich?

By no means am I saying it’s going to be easy at all, but just a little out-the-box thinking will often do the trick — just a little. Take someone who’s studied Actuarial Sciences, for instance. Yes, the big financial institutions will pay you top dollar to work for them, but if you perhaps decided to run your own operation around something like the powerball, perhaps running a portal which allows people to jointly play powerball online and increase their chances of winning (and yours), you could very well create your own career using what you’ve studied.

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