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What are the advantages of having diversity in the workplace

What are the advantages of having diversity in the workplace

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Having a diverse workplace is something many employers wish for in the modern working environment. In large cities like London or Liverpool, diversity is the norm, as the cities are made up of a rich culture of many different races, religions and sexes.

Workplaces are forever and continuously changing, with our workforce getting older and there are increasing numbers of women now than ever before, which is always a good thing. Gone are the days when it was just men who brought home the bacon.

Publisher Malcolm Forbes once said: “Diversity is the art of thinking independently together.”


There are clear and maybe some unclear advantages of having a diverse workforce, an organisation obviously makes itself look better to clients and the outside world by having a mixture of all walks of life in their working environment, whether it be an office or a garage, it doesn’t matter!

A diverse environment with employees that are allowed to engage, get to know each other and even become friends encourages staff to stay and enjoy the environment that they work in.

This obviously means that the company will be in a better financial state, as they will have loyal staff members and not need to spend time and money on recruiting new staff members.

Across the globe

Globalization means that language, culture and religion are represented in customers and workers. This is great, if your staff are bilingual, this can come in handy when it comes to customer facing, or business deals.

Similarly, generation gaps (as mentioned earlier people are living longer, and retiring later), means that the generations are expanding and working side by side! Each of these will have their own views, ideas and working mind-sets, meaning the workplace will always be buzzing with a variety of opinions, ideas and the ability to see things from different peoples points of view.

To some-up, here are some of our top reasons why diversity in the workplace is ALWAYS a good thing:

Increased productivity: Diverse talents combined, with the common goal that the workplace has to always be a brilliant and positive thing. This then gets the creative juices flowing and everyone should enjoy their working environment, leading to better problem solving too!

Attract and retain talent: This adds the competitive edge to the company or organisation. As mentioned earlier, every company brings their own way of thinking, operating, problem solving and decision making.


Helps to build teams and enhances all round communication of the workforce: New attitudes and processes will profit a whole team! Applying the proper diversity laws, means that there will be no lawsuits for the company and therefore no massive debts for companies who need to go to court!

Increased market share and diverse customer base: With the ability to relate to people from various backgrounds, the companies status automatically enters the 21st century. As surprising as it may seem, some companies still haven’t got there yet, but we are hoping that they do soon!

Ignoring diversity all together is a bad move. If your business isn’t diverse enough, then try to join the many that are and embrace diversity. To see more information on diversity in the workplace cipd have all the info you will need.

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