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It’s really important to me to create an active and inclusive community. The key to bettering your life is to get the tools and information needed to advance yourself in the right direction.

That’s why I actively encourage my visitors and readers to join in with Career Zine. Leave a comment on the posts and follow us on social media. I also accept guest posts throughout the year from talented writers with relevant experience.

If you want to submit an article, get in touch using the form below with a pitch and what it is that makes you qualified to advise on the subject. Obviously, I have no way to verify this information so I’m trusting you! Just make sure the piece is 500 words and is in line with other content on  Career Zine, a good grasp of English is useful too with minimal need for editing.

There’s also the opportunity to advertise and promote on Career Zine, send us a message with some details and we can discuss the terms and conditions. Many brands and companies have already benefited from ad space and sponsored posts on the site.

So what are you waiting for? Enter your details and let’s get chatting!