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Creative Ways to Use Designer Coffee Tables in Your Home

Creative Ways to Use Designer Coffee Tables in Your Home

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Everyone knows a dining table is where you have your meals, and a desk is where you work.

But coffee tables are a lot more versatile. Traditionally used in living rooms where guests could sip on a cuppa and make polite conversation, they are now used for all kinds of things, especially as our definitions of a home have expanded.

It is now not uncommon to see young people seated on the floor at a coffee table typing away on their laptops, or designer coffee tables being used to display all sorts of lovely trinkets.

Here are three creative ways to use coffee tables that will keep your home interesting.

Japanese-style Work and Dining Space

Traditional Japanese interior design, with its use of tatami mats and low furniture close to the ground, evokes a feeling of tranquility. It also offers a great way to incorporate minimalism into a small living space.

A Japanese-style living space often features low tables paired with floor cushions. A low coffee table can go well in this sort of interior. Whether you’re enjoying a quiet meal of sushi and green tea or getting some work done on your laptop, doing it while seated on a floor cushion at a low coffee table will instill in you a feeling of zen.

The trick is to get a table of just the right height. The average coffee table is just a tad too high, so you want to aim for something a little closer to the ground. Gentler materials like wood are more inviting than hard ones like glass.

Exhibition Space

Over the years, we accumulate lots of reminders of the things and people we love. Photographs of our family and friends, trinkets from our travels and fresh flowers in spring are just some of the things that remind us of why we’re happy to be alive.

Coffee tables can be a great way to display these decorative items that inspire us. Compact coffee tables can fit into corners that need brightening up, while large coffee tables can become the centrepiece of a room.

Coffee tables can also be places where you display your favourite books, all while making them look pretty. Dressing your coffee table is like creating an art installation, which should satisfy any interior design addict.

Designer coffee tables can themselves be works of art. Check out some of the stunning coffee tables on and you’ll understand.

Tea Time

Everyone knows coffee tables are there so you can serve your guests coffee, but how many of us actually make a conscious effort to use our coffee tables for that purpose on a regular basis?

There’s no need to wait till your child’s teacher makes a concerned house call or your in-laws are in town before you gather around the coffee table.

Invite friends for an afternoon of wine and cheese, organise a poker and beer session with your colleagues or have your neighbour over for a nice cup of tea.

The wonderful thing about coffee tables is that they help us bring together the people we love in a casual setting.

Sharing is caring!

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