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How A Compensation Calculator Can Help You To Make A Successful Injury at Work Claim

How A Compensation Calculator Can Help You To Make A Successful Injury at Work Claim

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If you have suffered an accident at work, or sustained an injury in a public place, it is likely that you are entitled to make a claim for compensation. Your claim is particularly strong if the accident was not your fault, and if your employer or the company who owns the premises where your injury or accident occurred, had been negligent with regards to health and safety procedures. Why should you be financially worse off as well as suffering the pain and inconvenience of an injury?

Why is compensation awarded for injuries and accidents?

Compensation is designed to help you to recoup the financial losses that are associated with accidents and injuries. The costs involved might include:

  • Medical costs, and the cost of new equipment (such as a wheelchair) associated with your injury.
  • The loss to earnings that result from you being unable to work for a given period of time due to your injury.
  • The legal costs that you had to pay in order to mount your legal compensation challenge.
  • Any other costs associated with your injury or accident, such as increased living expenses (for instance, having to take taxis instead of driving to work as you are no longer able to drive) or the cost of adapting your home to accommodate your injury.

Courts will often award additional amounts on top of all of this compensation in recognition of the wrong that has been done to you by negligent employers or by businesses that have not taken proper care with health and safety.

How do I know how much compensation I am entitled to?

Attempting to work out how much compensation you are entitled to can be a bewildering task. As you can see from the list above, there are lots of different factors to juggle when calculating a compensation claim. However, if you use an accident at work compensation calculator, the whole process becomes much simpler. With these calculators, you can simply input a few details about your accident and any injuries you sustained, and you will receive an instant quote regarding how much compensation you can expect to receive.

Compensation calculators: the first step

A compensation calculator is designed to be a guide to claiming compensation. It will give you a rough idea of how much compensation you should be aiming to apply for. The next step is to make a compensation claim. This can be done through a solicitor, who will be able to put your case before the court for you. Alternatively, if you have insurance, you can contact your insurer to see if there is a convenient claim form that you can fill out. Good compensation calculators are accurate, though the final amount of compensation you are awarded may be slightly higher or lower than the value reached by the calculator.

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