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Balancing Your Business Career with Motherhood

Balancing Your Business Career with Motherhood

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One of the advantages of being able to say that you’ve successfully made the transition from being an employed career-woman to a successful business woman is having the liberty to better plan ahead for something like becoming a mother.

Unfortunately, one of the societal caveats of living in an extensively economic world is the very short duration of essential life requirements such as maternity leave and perhaps the complete absence of paternity leave.

I’m pretty sure there a lot of new dads out there who’d relish the prospect of getting some paternity leave for genuine purposes such as being there to witness important milestones in their children’s lives, such as watching baby take their first step or hearing them utter their first complete word.

For mothers however, it’s naturally even more important to spend as much time as possible with your infant and fortunately for those of us who are active in the business world, balancing your business career with motherhood ultimately just comes down to proper prior planning.

It really is just a matter of planning because unlike being a working lady, you’re not paid for your time spent at work, but are rather paid for delivering the final product or service you’re offering to a paying client. This means that you don’t always have to be involved with every single stage of the production process, and in any case, the mark of a true entrepreneur or successful business person is being able to effectively delegate the various tasks associated with your production process.

That’s where you have to look if you want to balance your business career with motherhood and start planning from the moment you confirm the good news of a little one coming soon.

Careful not to Give Away Your Trade Secrets

Amidst your delegation efforts while you’re trying to build up processes which will ensure your business continues to operate smoothly and bring in the profits, all while you’ve given yourself enough maternity leave to your heart’s liking, make sure to protect yourself from having all the vital puzzle pieces of exactly how your business works figured out.

It’s really as simple as breaking all the tasks down into small, specialised tasks which occupy the relevant employees enough for them not to have time to even think about how their contribution fits into the bigger picture.

Half (or perhaps even all) your job is already done though, because how many of your employees have gone on to start their own operations which directly competes with you, something which would perhaps go against their terms of employment, as per an included no-compete condition?

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