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What Works Makes the Presence of an ICBC Lawyer so Important

What Works Makes the Presence of an ICBC Lawyer so Important

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The notion of “loss” includes any damage, material or bodily, resulting in compensation from an auto insurer. In this category we find the classic road accident, but also theft, fire and breakage of ice.

For each type of claim, its indemnification: the insured can turn to his insurance company for details of the amount of the assumption of responsibility for damage. This amount varies greatly depending on whether the insured has made the choice to take out a simple “third party” contract or a more comprehensive one such as “all risks” insurance.

A few days to declare the loss

In order to initiate the compensation procedure, the insured must contact his insurance company by telephone or by going directly to an agency. It is important not to waste time and to take this step as soon as possible:

  • Under 2 days in case of theft of the car
  • Within 5 days in the case of a road accident , broken glass or fire
  • Under 10 days following a natural disaster

If this deadline set by the Insurance Code is not respected, the insurer has the right to withdraw the guarantees subscribed. In other words, the damage cover is canceled in its entirety without any recourse being possible.

Motorists drive better, but road deaths increase

Be careful, the insured who starts repairing a damaged car before having warned his car insurer takes the risk of losing part of his compensation.

The amicable report, a necessary formality

Some information is also required to facilitate the processing of the compensation file . The insured must specify the exact date, time and place of the incident, the names and contact details of the persons involved, as well as the detailed description of the circumstances.

This step is facilitated by the amicable report completed just after the accident, whether a third person is involved or not. This official document details the conditions in which the facts occurred. In this way, insurance companies have all the elements at their fingertips to determine the wrongs between drivers. Without an amicable report, the compensation procedure is often much more complicated. An icbc lawyer vancouver can be the best person to work in this case.

Indeed, any business of any kind and regardless of the number of employees who work there is obliged to take out insurance in the event of an accident at work. This contract covers the financial consequences of the legal liability of the employer in the event of accidents at work which may affect his employees during their professional activity including the risks of the journey. For this, there are two types of contracts: the flat-rate contract for any company employing less than 5 people: the list of names of employees must be provided to the subscription of the contract and updated regularly. The second type is a revisable premium contract (on the basis of the activity sector, payroll, CNSS vouchers) for any company employing more than 5 people.

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